Another Save!

Frequent fixBuffalo readers may remember the campaign to save the Hamiltion Ward House here at 19 Coe Place during the summer of 2006. Amazing display of sustained community pressure to convince the owner - Belmont Shelter - to do the right thing. Geoff Kelly's Artvoice cover story no doubt finally galvanized the importance of saving this place from parking lot hell.
Today i had the very unique opportunity again to get to the top of Midtown and grab that snap. All sorts of work - new roof, siding and all sorts of interior work has already begun.

Will be following this project 'till someone moves in to the Hamilton Ward House. Huge thanks to Liz and Mike over at Belmont for doing the right thing.
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Anonymous said...

It's a great save for a great house and a great save for the neighborhood. It proves that vacant houses are not intrinsically worthless just because they're east of Main Street.

Michele J said...

Great News!

Anonymous said...

I am often on the proverbial run from one site to another throughout Buffalo and, as I glanced toward Coe Place, I noticed the work being done on the Hamilton Ward House.

Honestly, I never thought the Belmont Shelter would step-up to the plate and actually renovate the house and I really must congratulate them on their efforts.

The one remaining question I do have is the eventual selling of the house; will the real estate be open to all who may be interested or is the Belmont forced to sell under their normal guidelines of subsidized housing?

I would hate to speculate that after so much effort was placed into restoring a house, literally on the brink of destruction, being sold to individuals who may not be financially capable of maintaining this house.

Anonymous said...

where did you snap the picture from? looks great!!