Transfiguration Update...

I had a couple very cordial phone messages from Bill Trezevant this week. He invited me over to take a look at the progress that he was making at Transfiguration Church.
After 14 years looks like something's happening.
I heard from a few members of the City's Preservation Board that Transfiguration Church is on the agenda for the board's meeting on Thursday, 10/18.
Allow for the emergency repairs to include the removal of slate and replace with plywood where necessary; Install "peel and seal" where slate shingles are missing. Use a man life and hook ladders over the peak and contractor will brace the rafters. These repairs are for the main roof only with the steeple still being a concern. All slate removed will be stored in the Church.
I'll be tracking the progress, reporting it here...stay tuned.

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smlg.ca said...

Great to hear. Better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Way too late....did he mention any plans?

The cost to rebuild this are going to be massively more than if he had kept the roof intact in the first place.

And what final use will justify that $$$$.

At least it will (in theory) be better protected from the elements now.

Off Subject said...

Off topic, but i thought you would appreciate that DC and Buffalo have similarities as well as differences...their 'country' photo reminds me a lot of some of yours


RaChaCha said...

This is such heartwarming and encouraging news. Let out a "woo hoo" just now that nearly knocked the monitor backwards...

If I wasn't a danger to myself and others around tools ;-) I'd offer to come out and help with the work.

Brendan said...

Plywood is real progress?

I dunno...