Saving Coe Place - Part II

Mark your calendar for July 20th...Public Hearing on the Hamilton Ward House. Time/place tba...

Rather contentious Preservation Board meeting this afternoon. Many board members were rather upset with Belmont Shelter's position regarding the "highest and best use" of the Ward House as landfill especially when a local architect, who just purchased three houses on Coe Place - and btw, has a great reputation with two recent rehabs in Allentown - took the floor. If need be, he's prepared to go forward with the Ward House, too! If there are any other qualified individuals willing to invest in this Coe Place property, please let me know.

John Laping, Preservation Board President, wisely called for a Public Hearing. Lou Petrucci, Byron Brown's top Housing Official, informed the board. "Clearly, Coe Place is now on the local radar screen..." This is a good thing...as decisions impacting Midtown neighborhoods will be under closer scrutiny.

How ironic. Local architect and moi, take the metro to Summer Street Station and attend our first Coe Place Block Club Meeting - yes at Belmont Shelter. Chris Hawley's Midtown: Poised for Renaissance was being waved around and after introducing myself to a number of Coe Place residents, I volunteered Chris - an Ellicott Street resident had already wanted to invite Tim Tielman - to present various aspects of his planning document at the next Coe Place Block Club Meeting.

Residents echoed our sentiment that the "highest and best use" of the Ward House is re-hab. Yet walking past the house this afternoon, seems like Belmont is cleaning the lot and readying the place for demo...

And by all means, venture over to Coe Place and walk the neighborhood. Brick-oven pizza awaits those who venture into the Delta Sonic Cafe!

Stay tuned...

btw....yes, I'm still collecting letters of support, from ex-pats reading this blog in Charlotte, and keep the pressure on. Write and call Belmont board members, see Part I ....(send copies to me....)
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