New York State Bloggers...& Fix Buffalo!

Local Buffalo, NY film maker John Paget blogs. I met John at the Cafe late last year and travelled to Rochester recently to attend a lecture by James Kunstler. He's got a great eye for what's working and not working in Buffalo. Make sure to check out PagetFilms.com, too!

The People's Guide to Rochester has been sending traffic my way from here. And another Rochester site, Industrialsomething.org, is waving the FixBuffalo flag in this post called Fix Rochester...

So, a bunch of us here in Rochester have been doing our part to bring some joie de vivre to the city as a being. Not just front-page giant-project ‘Revitalization‘ but more. We want that Grass-Roots “We Give A Shit Thank You” attitude that means people are going to get phone calls, bitching will be done, and new creative solutions will come about by people doing things, rather than waiting on some government office, planning committee, or development corp. to do it.

Things like Ant Hill Cooperative, and RocWiki, and Toxic Rochester are a start, but I always get jealous of our wacky western neighbor Buffalo, because they have things like Fix Buffalo, and Buffalo Rising. There is not much to envy about the situation the City of Buffalo is in, but envy their attitude, an attiude that Rochester is slowly starting to catch.

An Albany, NY Deacon in the Polish National Catholic Church has a blog, Deacon's Blog. He's been following some of the stories I've written about Bishop Kmiec's Journey to Avoid Housing Court. I've been getting dozens of hits these two posts he's written. Is it Something about Transfiguration and R.C. Diocese Restructuring.

Like Buffalo, and so many other R.C. Diocese in the United States, Albany is engaging in the businesslike process of evaluating assets and liabilities, cash flow, and infrastructure in light of its overall business model and customer base. Read the rest...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trackback.

There is so much to love about Buffalo - and within some corporate structures, so little out-of-the-box thinking about what to do about it. Thank you for what you do to point out what is possible.

I was born in and grew-up in Buffalo (Go Kaisertown!), thus my attachment to what is beautiful and good in it.