Google, Web 2.0 and the East Side...

Cool new google mapping tool via QuickMaps! I'll be up-dating some of the oldermaps on FixBuffalo that have fallen off the radar as victim of google's tos. Make sure to click the satellite button! Cool views...

I've also been using a few other web 2.0 products and tools recently. Zohowriter - for posting, NumSum and EditGrid for "social spreadsheets." Arvind, the tech wizard behind Zoho, is expeditious with service. He's located in Chennai, formerly Madras, and often seems like he's right next door! EditGrid is handling the spreadsheet I created, right here, cataloging the 1499 properties the City of Buffalo flipped. I'm using NumSum to handle the spreadsheet keeping track of the 74 properties along the East Ferry St. corridor from Main to Jefferson, right here.
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