A New City Park? - Part 4

I talked with Tom Trathen at length Friday afternoon about various issues relating to “the deal,” local government and the competitiveness of our WNY economy. Did you know the Trathen Group had a booth at the Convention Center in Buffalo during the World University Games in 1993? Reasonable guy loves Buffalo….and wonders about all the “clear-cutting” that’s gone on over in the Fillmore District. I tried to explain to him how well intended HUD and BMHA have been here in Buffalo. He didn't buy it...

The is the latest installment... 3/17/05

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1 comment:

Craig Howard said...

First, my hearty congratulations on catching their attention at all.

But what else can I say but, what an ingenious idea! A county park IN ANOTHER COUNTY!

Or doesn't David Franzcyk know that Perrysburg is actually in Cattaraugus County (Oh, I'm sure he does (now)?)

He always fails to amaze me, that man.