Chief Building Inspector, On the Job

In the past month three houses have been demoed in the 25 block Main/Jefferson – Ferry/Utica neighborhood. Please take a moment and e-mail Lou Petrucci, Chief Building Inspector and thank him for hearing our complaints and helping us with his highly effective results oriented approach to urban problem solving.

All three buildings were in very serious stages of decay and presented obvious health and safety risks to residents and students in this neighborhood. This is not to say that there is a strong case to be made for preserving existing houses that are still in reasonable condition. There are many examples of vacant and preservable houses in this neighborhood. Check back in a few days for information about a few houses that are for sale and with a very modest invesment could be the coolest urban experience ever.

One of my former students was visting her father across the street from 75 Welker for the summer. She remembered an Economics assignment where she investigated records of property ownership here in the city.

You can view pictures of the three buildings that were demoed. The pics are from July 2004.
Just a short note to Lou Petrucci would go along way in showing him that even people who don’t live in this neighborhood are concerned with the health and safety of the residents and the long term interests of the built environment.

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