Additional Demo-prep Two Blocks from City School

76 East Utica, towards Mr. Simmons

The demo contractor, Al Steele, was quick to point out the obvious. The city of Buffalo has take possession of three properties just around the corner. This is an update to Sunday’s post regarding the other derelict property along the primary walking route between Buffalo Traditional High School (Soon to be BAVPA…..developing……) and the Main/Utica Metro Station.

At the city’s auction, last October, no one purchased 76 East Utica, 1464 and 1470 Michigan Avenue. These three building are just a block away from the school. The city had the opportunity to take possession of these properties and much to my chagrin, did so. Perhaps, I’m wrong and I hope that I am yet I always thought that the last owner was responsible for the demolition. I’ll check with Steve Pollowitz for some clarification on this ownership/demo rule. I though it was sort of like that game, “hot potato.” You just don’t want to get caught being continue reading...

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