Wilson Street (farm) House - $1

Over on Wilson Street, the urban agricultural movement in Buffalo, NY is beginning to blossom and the Stevens family is at the leading edge of this development at the Wilson Street Urban Farm. What better place to set-up of your own urban homestead?
396 Wilson Street (google map) showed up in the City's real estate catalog recently. It's a five bedroom single-family house. There's no basement, the interior has been trashed. The structure sits straight, it's stable and there's no interior water damage - the roof looks good. Basic rehab - your own labor - would probably run between 20-30k. It's a simple cottage. The real good news is that if you're interested the City of Buffalo will sell 396 Wilson Street for $1.
Your neighbors - the Stevens Family, the community they're building and the City's Common Council President lives less than 100' away on Fillmore Avenue. If you're interested and start the acquisition process soon, you could be all settled in by the Harvest Moon.
John Hannon, Director of Real Estate, is waiting to hear from you. The City's Division of Real Estate can be reached at (716) 851-5261.
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Lesterhead said...

Love the series of $1 houses. Hope you're well!

fixBuffalo said...

Thanks. I've been down your way a few times. Really love the place.