House in downtown Buffalo - $1

A Civil War-era cottage in downtown Buffalo is now available for purchase. The asking price? $1. The cottage at 41 Milnor (google map) is an eight-minute walk to Lafayette Square and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, providing significant tax benefits for a new owner.
41 Milnor - Buffalo, NY
41 Milnor Street
Over 700 new loft units have been built in downtown Buffalo recently - see Buffalo Rising post - and the availability of this historic Italianate cottage for $1 is proof that it is still possible to find real values in the downtown housing market.
41 and 39 Milnor Street
There are two brick cottages that remain on Milnor Street. The City took possession of both cottages in 2007. Today the neighborhood is thinned out and a comparison - 1959 v 2006 - from Historic Aerials reveals the former density of the cottage community on Milnor. 39 Milnor - the white cottage - is in rough shape. 41 Milnor needs a lot of work, but it is a straightforward rehab. The cottage has a lot of integrity.
Milnor Street - 1959 Milnor Street - 2006
John Hannon, Director of Real Estate, is waiting to hear from you. The City's Division of Real Estate can be reached at (716) 851-5261.
Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 8.56.24 PM
from the City's catalog - .pdf available after the link
If you don't save 41 Milnor Street, who will?
Additional images: Milnor Street slide show


STEEL said...

If not for long standing stupidity this street could have been another Little Summer Street

Bruce said...

What are the cross streets?


Anonymous said...

thought it would be a great if it weren't FOR THE WALL MISSING lol. i hope someone can do something with this property though.

fixBuffalo said...

Mary/Bruce - the cottage is located just south of Broadway.

Anon - the missing wall is located at the cottage next door.

Eisenbart said...

I never realized how much subsidized housing in this area and so many projects there are.

Unknown said...

Too bad about the industrial building across the street

Mary said...

We took a drive by today. If we were younger, it would be very tempting. I think the industrial building across the street adds privacy. It seems like a nice quiet street. Take down the white painted brick house that is falling down and you have a nice wide lot. I would put in a driveway and my swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

if someone pays that much for this house they should shoot them self

Mills said...

I actually own this house now. 41 Milnor. I don't plan on shooting myself as one suggests but rather I am fixing it in the style that suits me. Some pictures are available, I will put them on my url

fixBuffalo said...

Mills - when you have a moment please drop me a line - thanks, David