Vacant/Undeliverable - 2010

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Anthony Armstrong over at LISC-Buffalo has been keeping track of Buffalo's decline, forever. He passed along the following wiki - Buffalo Vacancy - where he's been keeping track of the Buffalo data compiled by HUD and the United States Postal Service. Some staggering numbers. Click, download and take a look at the spread sheets Anthony has compiled and see for yourself.
On a related note - Laura Underhill, a grad student in Landscape Architecture at North Carolina State, has been looking at a similar data set. Here - as part of a finals project - she's provided the following short flash video involving vacant land in this Cold Springs neighborhood (Main/33 - Ferry/Dodge).
By this time next year the results of the 2010 Census will be available. Enter your best guess of where Buffalo will end up in the comments section, if you want.
Update 5/9/10 - Part II
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Unknown said...

My vague prediction is something under 250K . The Census crossed-off so many addresses last year that any more than 250K would be a surprise.

Also note that students in dorms are counted, but they weren't before the 1950 Census. So, Buffalo already has fewer than 250K permanent residents (lower than in 1890)