Farm Report - Breaking Ground!

This afternoon Buffalo's Common Council voted to approve what's considered a 'pilot project' and an agreement between the City and Mark and Janice Stevens. 27 vacant lots on Wilson Street - between Broadway and Sycamore - will become the largest 'urban farm' on this part of the planet.
Wilson Street - Farm Block
The Stevens bought a house last year on Fillmore Avenue. Their backyard opens on Wilson Street across the street from what is sure to become a transformative project for neighborhood and city residents.

Amy Kedron, the founder and Executive Director of Buffalo First had this to say upon hearing the results of today's Common Council decision.
Now Buffalo can join the ranks of the nation's most desirable cities that are distinguishing themselves by establishing highly sought after urban farms. More importantly this will strengthen our local food system.
Mark told me that he was excited to begin work on 60 raised beds for this years growing season. If you're interested in dropping the Stevens a line or interested in knowing how you can land a hand, you can reach Mark and Janice here - woodmasstev@gmail.com.

I'll be following this story as it develops in the weeks and months ahead.
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Anonymous said...


I commend you and the dozens of other gardening & neighborhood activists who made this happen.

The idea of putting housing on such an ugly 'alley' facing unsightly garages in a shrinking city with well over 25,000 vacant housing units & 14,000 vacant lots is another issue for another time.

Meanwhile, celebrate a step forward in the struggling Fillmore district.

What is next?
Xmas tree farms on vacant lots? Inner-city farm & petting zoo?

Meanwhile celebrate a significant "grassroots" victory!

Dick Kern

STEEL said...

This place has great potential to bring new life to this area.