Freddie's Demo

The anticipated demolition of the former Freddie's Donut site on Main Street near Michigan Avenue began this morning.
See - Freddies's Going, Going... for additional information, links and a number of nostalgic comments about the sweetest spot on Main Street.
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because I was not raised in Buffalo and only encountered Freddie’s Donuts during fund raisers, I do not fully appreciate the fond memories of an ugly building that has remained empty since the legendary “Freddie” passed-away eons ago.

I have been told the building once housed a service station which God only knows when as it was the Freddie’s flag ship forever – scary thought thinking the gas tanks are probably still buried under ground – let us all hope my sources are wrong!

I would assume another building must have been on this site by looking at the Allied Moving Building next door as there are no windows facing Freddie’s and the building remains unadorned.

Another piece of forgotten history?

Joshua D. Hall said...

what an absolute waste! we will be kicking ourselves for allowing this to happen....

Darien said...

I don't know how I feel about this... I live a few blocks away, so I'm glad the eyesore of the run down building is gone, but I hate seeing the old buildings of my city being torn down left and right.

Imm also interested in the fate of the building diagonally across the street from that location... 1610 Main I think the number is. It's a beautiful building, and a great location too, but it seems that anything that opens there is doomed to close.