Row House Auction

One of the many reasons why I started blogging, three years ago, was to trace the "demolition by neglect" of the City owned Woodlawn Row Houses, a local-landmark that was literally hidden in plain sight on the City's near East side. In April of 2004, I asked John Hannon - Division of Real Estate - to rescind the sale that City entered into during another special real estate auction, in 2003. The $7000 offer was accepted and the guy, after three seperate extensions over a 13 month period, was never heard from again.

Lots has changed here locally since then. The Mayors Anti-Flipping Task Force has gotten some traction - see St. Matthew's Passion - and the politics of housing in the City, lead in part by the amazing folks over at PUSH Buffalo and LISC Buffalo - see, Getting Smarter about Decline has expanded and focused our our understanding of the vexing neighborhood issues.
In September Auctions International will be conducting another special auction. Fingers crossed that the expected 250-300K necessary for the restoration of the Woodlawn Row Houses somehow materializes this time. I'm planning to attend the auction and will follow post auction activity, too.
Additionally, one of my favorite buildings on the City's East side, near my favorite intersection - High and Genesee - is on the auction block, too - 630 High.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, didn't Jim Pitts come to the rowhouse rescue not long ago? Or is that the guy we see riding off into the sunset?