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Just received a set of pix from Saturday's Tour d'Neglect.
Wenton a 10 mile bike tour this weekend, of Buffalo's East Side. It was named "Tour d' Neglect", and it was led by an activist and preservationist who is very involved in the area. We saw a lot of nice architecture - buildings and churches, which are abandoned and crumbling as years go by... because it is not being cared for, and they are located in such a run down and poor part of the city.
Next tour, Saturday August 18th. See our City like you've never seen it before!
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Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time someone checked into this guy's role as 'Executive Director' of a Federally funded Head Start Program - can't believe he is the actually the TREASURER of the Control Board. Does he have a watchdog? certainly hope so. Amazing what you get away with when you have the 'Minister' title in front of your name; these buildings do not even scratch the surface.