New City Auction...

During the tour Saturday morning of the Artspace Backyard Neighborhood, we quickly noticed this sign posted at 1042 Ellicott Street, around the corner from Coe Place.
Here's the Auction International site where you can check out the two online catalogs of real property the City is selling, 102 properties. Terms of the auction are right there, too.

First mentioned 1042 Ellicott back in February, right here and posted an interior slide show, too. Outstanding house and great location.

Just read through the Auction International site for the Buffalo auction on September 22. A few surprises including 16 Harwood and 204 High Street.

Despite the announcment by former Common Council President Jim Pitts that he was intending to purchase this local landmark, the Woodlawn Row House are included in the auction, too. Wrote about Jim's plans here - Saved! - just two months ago.

Will be watching this closely.
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Anonymous said...

Pitts was "intending" .. and intentions pave the road to you-know-where (insert frowny face here)

Anonymous said...

&*$#@* Nine percent buyer's premium... that sure puts me off, because there will be buyers who don't realize it's there, don't take it into account when making their bids, and therefore bid up the prices to 9% higher than it should be.

Anonymous said...


We purchased the high st property. We are waiting to hear if our plan is approved. We have been gathering estimates and the variation in prices is incredible. If anyone knows of a good/affordable contractor or fix it all type person please let me know. I was also wondering if that neighborhood really has a shot at cleaning up if it is monopolized by that church? The development they are doing over there seems poorly planned. A house here...few townhouses over there. Nothing that really keys in on the historical aspects of that area or makes it appealing to a wide range of consumers. Seems like they are catering to the existing population which hasn't done very well there.

fixBuffalo said...

Please contact me when you have an opportunity. I've been through the property a few times with various contractors.

Very much looking forward to following your successful completion of what is sure to be an amazing project.



Anonymous said...

I am fixing up homes in Buffalo You can set up time with me starting in october. Marlowcustom@verizon.net Randy