Saving the Sattler?

Learned recently about an effort to save and possibly reuse the former Sattler Theater in the 500 block of Broadway Avenue. Folks at the Buffalo International Film Festival have a picture and link to the Sattler.
Buffalo International Film Festival Logo
First wrote about the Sattler here and showed it to the DK PhotoGroup from Toronto last Fall. Here's that link - Only on Broadway - and a few slide shows.
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Seems like the festival folks have joined the blogosphere, too - right here!
BUFFALO, N.Y. – January 30, 2007 — The Buffalo International Film Festival (BIFF) announces the newest member of the board of advisors for How Science Works: The Film & Video Competition: Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D., winner of the Nobel Prize in 1985 for Chemistry.
Very cool...
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Anonymous said...

what goes through the minds of some people to abuse a wonderful building so badly?

smlg.ca said...

I love film fests. There is a good UE film making the circuit rounds right now... It would make a fine addition to the lineup.