Cleveland in Decline...

Just heard about the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Based in Cambridge, MA the institute is nonprofit and tax-exempt educational institution established in 1974 to study and teach land policy, including land economics and land taxation.
Inspired by the work of Henry George as expressed in the book Progress and Poverty (1879), the Lincoln Institute introduces his thinking and ideas into the contemporary land and tax policy debate to advance a more equitable and productive society.
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Their second film in a recent series - "Making Sense of Place" is called Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City (2006). It was released last Fall and aired on PBS. Just finished watching it...wow!
We hope that the film will serve as a catalyst for discussion about the complex and sometimes contradictory issues that face cities - and the areas that surround them - as they move into the twenty-first century. While a primary goal was to provide the citizens of Greater Cleveland a vehicle for their discussions of these important issues, we believe that these topics are of similar concern to many other metro areas and hope that the film will inspire dialogue across the United States.
Click through the links and you'll be introduced to an amazing collection of resources on urban decline and what is being done in Cleveland to combat this.

Will do what I can to make this film available to a wider audience...stay tuned.

Interesting note...the Center for the Study of Economics derives it's inspiration from the life and work of Henry George (1839 -1897) as does the Henry George Foundation. Both organizations support Land Value Taxation (LVT) as an alternative taxation system. The board game Monopoly is based on the teaching of Henry George.
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