Guide to Buffalo Architecture...

If you haven't been checking out Chuck LaChiusa's über cool site - Buffalo as an Architectural Museum - you should. It's an ever expanding resource base to help you know and understand Buffalo's built environment.

Just got this week's update which includes the new Center for Excellence!

I'm working with Chuck to bring the full text of James Napora's Houses of Worship: A Guide to the Religious Architecture of Buffalo, New York to the on-line community. If you are interested in the history of any of Buffalo's church buildings, you'll find the answers here...we'll be completing the project in the next few weeks.
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Anonymous said...

I am once again moved and overwhelmed by the architecture in Buffalo. I plan to move there (finally!) in May and can't wait to see these beauties in person.

I'll also be looking forward to a tour of the Eastside.

David, Thank You for all you do.

I hold a lot of hope for Buffalo and folks like you are one of the major reasons for choosing Buffalo as my new "hometown".

Keep the faith :)

Lori aka olygirl

fixBuffalo said...


Can't wait to show you around...