Orphaned in Toronto...

The latest from DK PhotoGroup out of Toronto - Orphaned opens this Thursday at Hang Man Gallery. The show is gathering some awesome buzz north of the border.
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Click to enlarge - here for left and here for right.
Met up with DK and friends a few weeks ago here in Buffalo - right here. Working to bring the exhibit to Buffalo at some point in the near future. If you're interested in one of Buffalo's hidden and most neglected spots, consider tagging along. I'm taking people to the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home on a regular basis. Cool place down at 564 Dodge Street [google map]. Here's a recent group photo from a tour in September. The genius of our City and how the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home was so firmly integrated into the fabric of our community is seen here, in this 1915 map of Buffalo.
Make sure to check out some of thier other Buffalo based work - Sattler Theatre on Broadway.

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