204 High Street

I first posted about 204 High Street back in September, right here. It's a cool property that's City-owned and was last a medical office. The proximity - one block away - from the medical corridor would make it an ideal location for another medical office. The property is set up in "L" fashion wrapping a vacant lot with a big chestnut tree at the corner of High and Maple. The demolition has been stayed. We have a few more months to find an owner for this very unique property.

DSCN5170 DSCN5189
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Learning about 204 High Street last month and its potenital of course takes me a few blocks away to these two houses over on Washington Street, see this google map for proximity. This pic is from a larger post, last January about pushing Allen Street through to Washington - Connecting both Halves

937 Washington - looking east

Considering a plan for this property at 204 High Street? Let me know. I'll do my best to walk you through the steps in purchasing it from the City. If you're interested in a tour, let me know.


Mlystad said...

I'm some what in love with this building but I think it might be a much for my handy man skills. But I am curious to a learn little more about it or similar projects. I'm an expat of South Buffalo looking to restake my city roots. How does one find out what buildings the city owns? I can't even seem to find an info about properties on the City of Buffalo website.

Mlystad said...

The window on the far right of the high street facade is wide open....wonder what treasures have disappeared.

fixBuffalo said...

i noticed that today, too when i was in the neighborhood...