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Notice that numbers of Firefox users are increasing which is a good thing. Viewing fixBuffalo in Microsoft's IE - even the new 7 - is a painful experience. If you are stuck on a network, put portable firefox on your flashdrive - I do it for school. Works great and the entire blogosphere looks and feels better. Really.

Recently - thank you Sean - introduced to the work of Camilo José Vergara (1944 - ) a Chilean born photographer of American Cities and ghettos. Just spent the past few hours reading The New American Ghetto (1995). Here, Vergara weaves together various dystopian themes commonly associated with movies such as Metropolis (1927), Blade Runner (1981) and Brazil (1985) - which I've yet to see. What seems to set Vergara apart are three decades of photographs documenting the vanishing places in our cities. Motivated by his own loss and personal story, he focuses on Newark, Detroit and Gary, Indiana in The New American Ghetto and presents both poetry and polemic which seems to be a meditation on memory. Really like him. He gets stuff and fully articulates what I see when I walk around my neighborhood and other parts of the City's East Side.

Familiar with Vergara's writing and work or have read any of his books? Would very much like to know. Titles include:
Silent Cities: The Evolution of the American Cemetery (1989) New American Ghetto (1995)
American Ruins (1999) Twin Towers Remembered (2001) Unexpected Chicagoland (2001)
Subway Memories (2004) How the Other Half Worships (2005)
If there's nothing here 'till Thursday, means I've gotten hold of some of these texts. Interested yet in Vergara? Check out this...

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