Ellicott Street Changes Part I - Ulrich's

Jim Daley was outside this afternoon watching the exterior renovations here at Ulrich's. He's carefully planned a number of significant facade improvements at one of Buffalo's best loved food/drink spots and the City's oldest continuously run tavern.
If you're not from Buffalo and are considering passing through the Queen City or staying longer you'll want to stop and eat/drink here at Ulrich's. Please don't let restaurant and food reviews such as this one - Bon appetit! America's Top Restaurant Cities - (see second paragraph) sour you on Queen City Cuisine. Check out this riotous short video featuring Nelson Starr on food and Buffalo, filmed by John Paget for your guide to what's authentic and so Buffalo. After seeing Nelson and John's video, Anthony Bourdain stopped by for a 'No Reservations' segment a few months back.
Here's the architect's rendering of what we can expect in a few days and a close-up of the custom fenestration that will be installed on the building's second floor. The sketch is adapted from a 1927 picture of Ulrich's that Jim has been looking at for years. Make sure to check out Ulrich's for additional development news. Jim expects the renovations to be complete by the week's end. I'll be back with friends for beers on Friday night to check out the some of the interior renovations Jim is completing.
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In addition to the facade and interior renovations here at Ulrich's there a number of additional developments and projects unfolding here along Ellicott Street. More about the City's newest park, next week.
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John said...


Nate Neuman said...

Assuming that they are not compromising the architectural integrity of this historic building, good for Ulrich's. I hope even greater successes beckon in the future for them and the Medical Campus.

Leah Marie said...

Even so Nate, I'm sure it will make that block look much nicer! I'm so excited about this! Good for Ulrich's! Now if only there was more law enforcement to stop people from breaking in my car while I was out for dinner...

Don Argus AIA said...

Nice job - glad to see an example of the potential that exists in other buildings you document, and a model for rehabilitation.