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See Shooting Buffalo for more about this series and my flickr for additional pics of Buffalo, NY. I'm collecting this daily series of pics - here.
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mike said...

Oh I love this building I pass by it twice a week on my way to the Central Terminal. Anybody know the history of this place on Concord?

olcott_beach said...

Who designated the "floors as dangerous"? The City building inspector or owner?

Difficult to tell from a frontage photo but there does not appear to be any shifting of the sill or foundation so I am curious to know how extensive the damage is in this building.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Trying again. Interior here:


olcott_beach said...

Thank you – difficult to tell from the photos but I am assuming the “more recent” photos are of the second level living area.

The alleged “dangerous floor” does not appear to apply to this area but, with all of the trash, it is difficult to tell if there is any structural damage.

The vintage photos are great and it make me wonder if any of the original bar is still intact – judging from the other photos; I sincerely doubt it.

The decorative fire place is awesome.



mike said...

It seems as if the City ownes this property, but it is not listed on their auction list for October. What gives?