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See Shooting Buffalo for more about this series and my flickr for additional pics of Buffalo, NY. I'm collecting this daily series of pics - here. Check out - The Red Mark of Death - another developing series about broken and neglected buildings.
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STEEL said...

I mean, How can NO ONE find any value in this? ?

Darien said...

That's such a nice looking house(defects notwithstanding)... where is that?

Mr.G.Jeans said...

It's the barn (stable, carriage house) of 537 Fillmore. Barn door falls at 416 Peckham.

Let's see if this works: http://tinyurl.com/lt2zzr

Chris Hawley said...

Who owns it?

fix buffalo said...

According to City records the City of Buffalo has owned this carriage house since 2007.