Neighborhood Planning Summit

I had the opportunity yesterday to talk with Elizabeth Huckabone, President of Belmont Shelter, about a number of issues impacting the immediate neighborhood around Artspace. I'd stopped in to check out the various displays that were being set up for tomorrow evening's neighborhood summit meeting - details here.
10/22/08...update and follow-up
Check out a series of posts in Inviting Buffalo dated October 17th and labeled
'the future of housing' to see what the evening's conversations included.
I encourage everyone who is interested in the area that's historicially known as the Hamlin Park, Cold Springs and Masten Park to attend this important and unique meeting. A number of City officials, BERC and LISC as well as Rev. Stenhouse will be addressing a number of important issues that are crucial to this neighborhood's longterm revival.
If you haven't already read - Midtown: Poised for Renaissance, I encourage you to become familiar with it before attending tomorrow evening's neighborhood meeting. Here, Chris Hawley writes:
Coe Place is the most historically and urbanistically significant street in the Midtown neighborhood. At one time a brick pedestrian pathway, converted to a residential street by a quixotic nineteenth-century skating rink operator, Coe Place is a charming, very narrow street, originally no more than fifteen feet wide, lined with a collection of close-knit Queen Anne-style houses whose singular attributes are unmatched anywhere else in Buffalo.
Here a few additional pics of yesterday's planning posters. Make sure to check out the neighborhood's Cultural Assets that Chuck LaChiusa and the Landmark Society have compiled.
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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this. It has been a long time coming and I am so impressed that Belmont is part of the solution now. I am seeing some real breakthroughs in the consciousness of all types of stakeholders on the possibilities for success in strategic areas with concerted and wise action. The mayor's announcement today that 500 rehabs are hoped for over the next 5 years is such a long way from where we were in recent months and years. Bravo to all those involved in raising the awareness of NGO and government officials to the need for much more concentrated and strategic investment beyond "tear it all down". David, you have been a leader in this growing chorus of neighborhood voices. Thank you.

Clockhill said...

This is Greg from the past few Saturday mornings. The meeting was interesting. I was glad there was so much city hall presence to answer some questions, and so many residents to yell at them.

I finally posted my photos, and started a blog to record interesting things in. clockhill.blogspot.com

See you Saturday - Greg

Anonymous said...

Greg/clockhill, I checked out your blog and really like it - especially the concept drawings for the Michigan Street building!

Clockhill said...

Hi, did I miss the walk this morning?