City Honors - Update

While walking around the construction site at City Honors the other day, I noticed that the first of two new structures, the new natatorium, is slowly taking shape on the what was once the school's front lawn. This 40m renovation project is part of the larger one billion dollar Joint School Reconstruction Project, the largest construction project in the City's history - ever.
LPCiminelli is the lead developer for the city wide project. They're keeping track of progress at City Honors - here. I'll be adding pics to this - City Honors - flickr series on a regular basis in the weeks and months ahead.

If you're a current City Honors student or graduate I'd like to know your thoughts about this project.
Check out the City Honors archive for additional information.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, yuck. Did they have to build on the front lawn? Those mostly abandoned BHMA shacks are bad enough. I was hoping those could be demolished, since BMHA has so many surplus units, and the grand lawn restored.

Anonymous said...

they are coming down as part of the overall project. The playing fields will be replacing them.

Kate said...

Ultimately, I think the construction project is a positive. City Honors had definitely outgrown aspects of itself by the time I graduated in 05.
Preserving the intergrity of the original structure was a great move.

Reasons I am hesitant about the project:
(1) The power of City Honors culture is often underestimated. Pre-Battaglia, there was a student/teacher culture of trust and a relaxed atmosphere that contributed significantly to the learning environment. Honors needs to find a way to maintain that culture in the midst of the changes. I left the year before Kresse, and don't know much about his style. Regardless, the students will be mature enough to handle the new glitzy facilities (HOLLER at an adequate library). The administration would be doing itself a favor by not cracking down on students because it feels it's what "should" be done.
That might only make sense to Honors students past and present, but it's an important point.
(2) On a related note, bulldozing the lawn was a terrible idea. The parking lot on the south side of the building would have been a better site for the project. Parking could've been integrated into the new structure or playing fields area.

We shall see...

fix buffalo said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. I'm wondering how other graduates are looking at this project. Stay tuned...additional updates and pics are on the way.