Bailed - Buffalo Reacts

I received the following video this week as a local response to the Wall Street bailout and the mortage foreclosure crisis.

I'd like to know what you think and how fixBuffalo readers view the current financial crisis. How will this impact exisiting demographic trends in the future?

Video credit - Michela and Eric.
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Timothy said...

The people of the United States of America, and when I am talking people I am saying people who make "5 million and below" (John McInsane is really intouch with the average US citizen) know how to spend their money better than the US government. Bailing out wall street is a huge smack to the face to every hardworking, struggling to make ends meet, man, woman and child in this country. Give me 1% of what they gave wall street and I'll stimulate the economy. I could probably Buy a house, which I am currently trying to do, pay off my college loans $30,000 left woo hoo! Maybe even buy a new car. I currently have 1 car between my wife and I. I could even save some in the bank. There you go, Housing Crisis averted, Education gets stimulated, Hard working auto workers can be rest assured, and the Banks can stay in business. FUCK those Greedy Greedy CEO's Bank Presidents, George W & Co. and the Federal Reserve. We know how to spend our Tax money, not YOU!