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The Buffalo 'sphere has taken shape over the past few years and reflects growing integration and non-heirarchical ways of reaching and connecting people. While Buffalo Rising and the family of blogs under the WNYmedia.net banner continue to set the pace, there a number of unexpected and welcome surprises that surface. I mentioned Buffalo Ideas last month and have just learned about Inviting Buffalo. The newest addition to the local 'sphere comes from City Hall and is maintained by the Department of Economic Development.

A recent post features a news item from Buffalo First.
Buffalo First will distribute a Local Coupon Book mid-November. The book’s purpose is to root more dollars in the local economy (one dollar spent locally gets re-spent three times more than if it were spent at a chain), make local purchasing more affordable and educate the public about making more responsible purchasing decisions - read the rest.
This is about the coolest thing I've seen from City Hall. No comments yet in any of the posts. So, check it out and add it to your daily list of local sites.
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