Stone Farm House - ???

Earlier this afternoon I checked on the Stone Farm House over on Hedley Street, a block away from Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown's residence. I first posted about this last September - right here. According to the City's website, the City of Buffalo has owned this two-family house for the last ten years.
This stone farm house is located in the middle of the City's largest preservation district - Hamlin Park. So, if any fixBuffalo reader has additional information about this project that's been abandoned now for the past two years, I'd really like to know.
Of course the other city owned house in Hamlin Park is 16 Harwood Place. Really amazing.
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Anonymous said...

my sources say it dates from the 1850's and was at one point an orphanage. it was in pretty rough shape bout 5 yrs ago, the ceiling had fallen in. i think b. brown had it fixed when he was a councilmember, yes byron brown stabilizing a structure instead of tearing it down...go figure

Anonymous said...

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