Animal Resuce - Here's Lucy!

Meet Lucy.

While taking pictures this morning i spotted Lucy tied to a fence near an abandoned house in the neighborhood. She'd been here for days, without food or water. I went over to see the McCallums who moved in last week and picked up some water. fixBuffalo readers will remember the McCallums from Queen City Farm. Meagan helped me track down some temporary housing for Lucy later this afternoon.
Lucy has a fine disposition for a young pup, probably a shepard/rottweiler mix. While she was really skittish at first and afraid of being touched, by this evening Lucy was rolling around having a great time with kids.

So...we need to find a permanent home for Lucy. If you're interested in taking her to the vet and getting her checked out and/or finding a permanent home for her, please let me know.

Update - 7/5/08 - 3pm.

While sitting with friends at the cafe, moments ago i spotted Lucy walking down the street.
Happy to report that Lucy now has a permanent home.
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Anonymous said...

Great Job!
Glad to hear someone now loves Lucy :o) Michele Johnson

Unknown said...

Lucy is easy to love! I think you'll be excited to know how much she is warming up to her new home and even to my two cats!!

As our new family addition is an unexpected joy, we would appreciate any pet-things you may not be using, if you have them. If you know a charitable vet, even better!

Either way, we give of ourselves to make the world better :)


Anonymous said...

Over the years I have had many interesting and fun Fourth of Julys. Independence Day, 2008 even with all of its interesting moments and adventures earlier in the day, helping Lucy find a new home makes it one of most memorable!!!