The red mark of death...

While vacancies and the rate of vacany are increasing in most of Buffalo's neighborhoods - see, Unstoppable? - i've found it fascinating seeing the various notes city inspectors leave behind. Once a building is sprayed with the 'red mark of death' other people sometimes leave notes, too. Here's the slide show.
This shot is from 194 East Utica, prior to the formation of the Queen City Farm Project.
194 East Utica - Buffalo, NY
I'll be adding to the series. Interesting moment as our City is trucked away to a landfill in Ohio - right here.
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Anonymous said...

I think marking demo worthy buidings is a great idea.. Especially for firefighters to know there are holes in floors etc..Michele Johnson

Anonymous said...

what do the various markings mean, ie.e square, square within a square, triangle, etc... is there a key somewheres