Stone Farm House in the City

While checking out some of the coolest city owned houses near Hamlin Park the other day we checked on this stone farm house at 60 Hedley Place.
Neighbors told us that the project has been at a standstill for the last five years. Strange as it's right around the corner from Mayor Brown's residence at 14 Blaine. Anyone know more about this? Like to know.
Oh, the two city owned houses we checked out, 16 Harwood Place and 1572 Jefferson. Harwood is up for grabs at the City auction this weekend - right here. The amazing house on Jefferson is City owned and was marked for demolition just recently, in August. Place I'd probably start if I were to do it all over again.
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Anonymous said...

That house on Jefferson has always stood out to me too.

Brick/Stone houses should be the ones being mothballed or rehabbed by tying into developer contract for new builds.

Denny said...

I found this, from a June 9 2005 Preservation Board meeting:

"60 Hedley Place (HP, NRP)Linda Sichel, project architect, presented plans to the Board.The proposed work is to perform reconstruction work to an 1853, 2 –1/2 story stone farmhouse to include: new concrete stoop, stairs & handrails @ the street entrance; roll-in entrance at rear, parking. paving & landscaping; masonry repair, where required; 4, new aluminum-clad, wood entry doors with ½ glass (streetentry to have sidelites & transom) & new aluminum-clad, wood, double-hung 6/6 & 3/3 tilt-sash windows. Various members expressed concerns regarding the proposed front door treatment, the type/style of windows. the railing & stoop, cornice treatment & overall design. Upon discussion, the Chairman set up a Design Review Committee comprised of members Guerra, Masters, Pawlak & Singleton to work with the owner/architect on site/development refinement. TABLED "