St. Matthew's News

Quick scan of the real estate transaction section of yesterday's Buffalo News - amazing weekly read if you're considering Buffalo for the first time - right here revealed that the St. Matthew's Church at 1066 East Ferry Street has a new owner.

fixBuffalo readers will remember the un-folding drama involving a Good Friday urbex moment that morphed rather quickly into some negative press for the recent former owners of St. Matthew's. Background - here.

Haven't heard yet about future plans. Updating soon.

update 2pm...this may have more to do with another building that was part of this campus. Still verifying. Here's the piece from yesterday's Buffalo News which I also received from an East side housing activist earlier this morning, too.
26 Wyoming, St. Matthews Roman Catholic Church of Buffalo NY to Vesta Community Housing Development Board Inc., $60,000.
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Tom Geller said...

I don't see any mention of 1066 East Ferry on that page.

Jefferson said...

This is off topic but should be of interest - I just saw on the internet that NYS has decided to end the MBBA and return all properties back to the cities they are in. Check it out.

Beth said...

I'm thinking that was the rectory building that was sold.

The school is 50 Wyoming (owned by La Casa).