Auction Follow-Up...

Was unable to attend Saturday's auction that I first reported, City Auction, last month. A few people I talked to earlier this week told me that a couple hundred people showed. No mention in the local media about this.

Spoke with a representative from the auction company this afternoon and was told that every property was sold. This includes of course 16 Harwood Place - went to Buffalo resident for $3800 and the Woodlawn Row Houses were sold, too. An out of state development company purchased them for $8500.

All sales must be approved by the City according to the auction terms.
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Anonymous said...

I really hope they fix up the Woodlawn Row Houses.

Anonymous said...

New owners of Lyth Cottage , looking for info on grants to restore a part of Buffalo history.I can be contacted at 623-326-2818 , Thank You.

Ryan Horton said...
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