Midtown Medical Campus

I noticed this sign the other day, just a block south of Artspace on Main Street at the south east corner of Dodge.

This is the first new commercial development north of the Medical Campus on this side of Main Street in Midtown for what seems like more than a decade, maybe two. Spotted this on the CBRE site -
1159 Main Street is a brand new development welcoming medical practices and bioscience businesses looking to capitalize on a Main Street location adjacent to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This development offers a state-of-the-art facility centrally located amidst an established Buffalo neighborhood. Savarino Companies has been retained to develop the project by a private investment group. Silvestri Architects has been retained to provide design and engineering of the project.
Here's the site plan, too.
Picture 1
If anyone knows more about the construction schedule, let me know.
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Charger said...

It's a shame that the architects/Savarino couldn't be bothered to make the building fit on its trapezoidal lot, but chose instead to slap a rectangular building down with a little bit of green at the corners.

There are so many great old buildings in Buffalo with odd shapes because of the way the street grids intersect. It's too bad todays designers are so wedded to right angles.

BuffaloRox said...

Isn't this the spec building that's going to replace that flea bag motel on Main (Buffalo Lodge or something like that)?

BuffaloSoldier said...

Yes buffalorox, this building will replace the Buffalo Tourist Lodge dump.

My concerns of this building are two fold:

-Why can't we figure out a way to tie this building into the Metro station on the same block. This building has no connection what so ever to it.

-Poor use of land. 75% of this parcel is devoted to surface parking in what is clearly suburban level density.

Just because this is the historically neglected Midtown District, doesn't mean we can not be attentive to proper planning and design.

Anonymous said...

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