Bethel's New Barn?

I've been following the construction of the home of Bethel Head Start for the last few months at the corner of Woodlawn and Jefferson Avenue. Yesterday I noticed that the steel sides of the building were in place. Two recent posts - December 2007 and November 2007 show the site's development.
Any one know of other buildings here in Buffalo that have gone up in the last few years using similar materials and construction techniques? Looks more like a pre-fab dairy barn, if you ask me.

Please, if Elmwood Avenue - think Lexington Food Coop - has design standards, shouldn't Jefferson Avenue? Think the new Jefferson Market Place - June 2006 - and the Merriweather Library - April 2006. Come on, this would never pass on Elmwood or Hertel. Why here?
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Anonymous said...

Leftover siding from ArtSpace perhaps?

sbrof said...

...because not enough people are left, or organized enough in that neighborhood to put together a cohesive argument for one thing or another on Jefferson. The closest thing you get are church leaders organizing people but that still doesn't bring enough people into the process to put pressure on those that be.

If this was proposed on Elmwood you would get 100+ people filling the planning board meeting. How many people showed up about this project. Not enough if any.

bill said...

it looks cheap and slummy. will it last five years?

Pauldub said...

A dairy barn would have smaller windows. Looks like a small machine shop to me. Kind of sad.

Anonymous said...

On Broadway 5 Blocks from downtown the city allowed Mcain Thomas (now ABC) a building supplier to throw up that pole barn. Disgusting!!!