Another Save!

Rod McCallum invited me over to 195 Glenwood Avenue on Saturday morning. He'd recently purchased this structurally sound 3/3 Buffalo double at the City's tax sale last Fall. I first met Rod and his family during the first scheduled Artspace Back Yard Neighborhood tour in November 2006. He'd learned about 194 East Utica - future home of Queen City Farm - from this post, Saying Goodbye. Since then Rod and I have spoken at UB and in front of a number of community groups about un-locking the potential of the City's near East Side.

During the past 12 months Rod has identifed numerous homesteading opportunities on what everyone is beginning to call the farm block.

I first mentioned 195 Glenwood two years ago - Wide Open in the 'Hood. Rod has spent considerable time and effort recently cleaning out and securing the house. His plan is to make this place home.
Rod's decision to move his family from the City's West Side should come as no surprise to fixBuffalo readers. 195 Glenwood is located - see map pic - directly behind 194 East Utica and his decision to fully renovate and invest in this property testifies to his commitment to greening and growing this emerging near East Side neighborhood.

I'll make sure to post information here about a series of 'work days' Rod is planning this Spring. There are a number of fallen trees from the October Storm that are still strewn about and of course, crops to plant. This is going to be amazing.
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Will Hoffmann said...

This is great!

I'll be happy to help Rod with any work that needs to be done to that house.

Andrew Kottenstette said...

I am interested in following what goes on with this house. I have some friends that live in Buffalo, a young couple starting a family whom may soon need some more space. Because of one of them telling me so much about Buffalo and its number of Victorians sitting deserted I have been almost goaded into coming to visit...and help, and see for myself if what's been said about how much Irish-American culture in music, etc., residing there is true. If you have any work that I could help with I am very reasonable. I could possibly use a place to stay, and am used to a non-traditional set-up (mid-re-model). Just one thing. It would have to be in a summer month. I am already tired of shovelling snow here in Colorado (though it's the "light and fluffy" high-altitude stuff as I've been told by native New Yorkers and flinty New Englanders). You can see some of my work on one of my blogs. I think all you have to do here is click on my name.

Anonymous said...

out of curiosity, does anyone know how much these guys paid for the house at auction and if the pipes were damaged/removed? all and all what would be a good estimate for bringing a house like this back to life? i gonna grab something similar in few years

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Rod & Family and welcome to the East Side :)
Michele Johnson

Joseph Giardina said...

I was wondering if the city is planing another housing auction like last years September auction. Does anybody have any info on this?