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I'll be in Housing Court on Wednesday morning - 2/27 - asking Judge Nowak to stay the demolition of 1325 Michigan Avenue, a spot that I posted about last month and one that Chicago based architect and frequent Buffalo Rising contributor David Steele wrote about, too - Where is the Plan? - in January.

Well, last weekend I took a closer look at 1178 Michigan Avenue, a few blocks south. It was wide open so I decided to poke around.

1178 Michigan Avenue - front
Sure it needs work and the wooden shed structure (last pic) along the Dodge Street side has to go. Yet, on a cold and wet day in the middle of February the place was dry on the inside. I saw no evidence of any roof leaks. And wouldn't you know...the City of Buffalo has owned this building since November 2005.

1178 Michigan Avenue - rear
Very cool spot as it's just around the corner from Artspace and a few blocks north of the medical corridor. Always thought it would make an amazing live/work space. Here a few more images.

click image to enlarge
Interested? Let me know. I may be able to help negotiate the maze down at City Hall.
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