Photography and the City

I've been interested in the work of Camilo Vergara and the how he's documented subtle and dramatic shifts in some of our most desperate cities. First mentioned him in October 2006, here a few months later and recently here while thinking of St. Ann's over on Broadway.

Just learned via MIT OpencourseWare, in the Urban Studies and Planning section that a course - Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry - has a selection of eight videos. The second one features Camilo Vergara.

Same guy suggested back in the 90's that 12 square blocks of downtown Detroit be converted into an 'American Acropolis' and be presereved as a skyscraper ruins park. Interesting guy and take on industrial ruins as we continue to struggle with our own 'shrinking city'.

Follow that October 2006 link for additonal material about Vergara's work or follow these links on my delicious.
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Will said...

Where were those pictures taken?

They don't look like Buffalo.

fix buffalo said...


According to the first link - Camden, NJ.