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Smart City is a weekly, hour-long public radio talk show that takes an in-depth look at urban life, the people, places, Create Documentideas and trends shaping cities. Host Carol Coletta talks with national and international public policy experts, elected officials, economists, business leaders, artists, developers, planners and others for a penetrating discussion of urban issues.

This weekend...
  • In this primary season, change seems to be the word voters most want to hear. Networking is the foundation of trust relationships that make change possible. Our guests this week are deeply engaged in understanding and building powerful networks for change.

  • Abby Wilson and Sarah Szurpicki are the founders of GLUE, the Great Lakes Urban Exchange, an online networking and journalism effort to build regional identity and share information among young urban leaders in the region. Sarah and Abby are urbanists who have recently returned to their respective hometowns: Detroit and Pittsburgh.

  • Dr. Karen Stephenson is a world leader in analyzing networks for corporations and communities and putting their power to work. Her project for Leadership Philadelphia led to uncovering surprising new sources of leadership in that community. Karen is a corporate anthropologist who has been lauded as a pioneer in the growing field of social-network business consultants. Her consulting firm, Netform, was recognized as one of the top 100 leading innovation companies by CIO.

Listen to host Carol Colletta - list of additional stations/times - 7pm Sunday on WNED - 970 in Buffalo, NY. Past Shows are archived and the newsletter is published regularly.
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