When Preservation Equals Demolition...

Here's an interesting and timely story from St. Louis that appeared in the New York Times, March 31 2005. If you do not have a New York Times account, I've archived the article.
New York Times article March 31, 2005
And a related article about the downtown revival of St. Louis appearing in yesterday's New York Times.

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Craig Howard said...

Everyone should read the article and if anyone doesn't have a NYT account and doesn't care to set one up, then visit bugmenot.com.

Enter the web address and you'll get a user id and email address that is already established. No one's stealing anything, the NYT doesn't require payment, it is simply collecting personal info.

Use bugmenot for any website that requires registration. The article's good, David took the time to find it, you no longer have an excuse not to read it.