22 Waverly..."Poster House" for a City in Decline

22 Waverly is located a few short blocks away from the future home of Performing Arts High School. Here's a picture from July 2004 and a recent picture that I took in February 2005.

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As you can see from the pictures, the house just sits abandonded, (not) boarded, derelict and vacant. Perhaps local officials are waiting for a story such as this from Detroit to happen here in Buffalo before something gets done.

Walking by 22 Waverly this morning, I pulled the door shut, again...

Buffalo housing activist, Michele Johnson, has written about 22 Waverly recently. And celebrated community activist Richard Kern has just passed this information along about the recent sales history:
  • Interestingly, 22 Waverly was sold on 8/18/03 to NJ "investor" Charles Speller for $6K by notorious Long Island eBay scammer Jesse Isaacs who paid $3.9K on 6/30/03. Isaacs has had an outstanding arrest warrant from Housing Court for months, but continues to scam houses in Buffalo with no fear.
You can view some of Michele's other housing activist work here, too. Read some of Richard Kern's ground breaking & blight busting writing on KernWatch.

Maybe while the city's crew is out boarding up 22 Waverly, they could go around the block and finish securing the rear windows of the Woodlawn Row Houses - which just happens to be the primary subject of this blog and preservation initiative.

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