City OKs Extradition of Absentee Landlord

In Wednesday's Buffalo News we learned that Housing Court Judge Nowak is going to press for extradition. Seems like Judge Nowak could also hold the owner of these two properties accountable at the same time. Fat chance, I know...

The Woodlawn Row Houses

Wollenberg Grain Elevator

  • The City of Buffalo would pay the cost of extraditing a California businessman accused of failing to renovate 56 dilapidated properties, an official said Tuesday. Assistant Corporation Counsel Peter J. Savage III said Mayor Anthony M. Masiello has agreed to pay the extradition costs for Joy A. Drati "given the county government's financial problems." First Deputy District Attorney John J. DeFranks said Tuesday he will know in about two weeks if there are enough legal grounds to justify cross-country extradition proceedings for Drati. Buffalo Housing Court Judge Henry J. Nowak is slated to begin a series of demolition hearings next month to consider safety and other factors linked to the 56 Drati properties in the city.
Smells like we are entering an election cycle...I'll be following the case and examining the costs of extradtion, too!


Dwain said...

Yeah...I am in California and my name is Dwain. I was here (his old place) when he came to pick up some of this stuff from his ex-girl's place also, a dead beat father of the child made. I am involved with his ex now and we are just now talking about it since we had to go to court for back child support that he refuses to pay or support. We are in Northen California and he was last seen here in the area a few weeks ago. The bottom line is..he wasnt a fugitive at the time..because trust me..I would have nab him myself. Keep in mind..I am a ex bounty hunter (smile). Does anyone know how much he is worth now?

mike said...

Looks like he's paying Buffalo a visit:

Reputed Buffalo Slumlord Extradited from San Francisco, 28 Dec 2005

Buffalo, N.Y. property owner found at motel, 04 Oct 2005