Wind and 25 Years of Neglect

fixBuffalo readers alerted me this morning to the collapse of the Church of the Sacred Heart's school building's north wall. Compounded by the recent wind storm, 25 years of neglect contributed to the dangerous conditions here on Emslie Street near Clinton (live map). The school building has been collapsing for years, the rectory and convent seem to be in better structural shape than the church.
By early afternoon City crews, aided by the fire department taped off the area and placed plastic barriers around the site. Chris Hawley from the East side's coolest new blog, The Hydraulics posted about the bad news. A quick scan of Housing Court records reveals that the owners have been in court for the past 8 years. Here's that record for the four buildings that comprise this forgotten part of Buffalo's cultural heritage.
IMG_2322 IMG_2318
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The Church of the Sacred Heart has been a frequent stop on the Tour d'Neglect in recent years. Preservation Buffalo Niagara has additional information about the history of the site - right here. Buffalo's ABC affiliate, wkbw was at the scene today. Here's that report and short video.

While the future of the school building remains uncertain, attention and resources should be focused on the Catholic complex's other three buildings - which are also in Housing Court.
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Anonymous said...

Your photo is "currently unavailable," just like any accountability for our inventory of vacant brick buildings.

Anonymous said...

8 years of futility. Another example of systems that do not work.

fixBuffalo said...


Fixed the pic. Thanks.


What's the alternative?

Anonymous said...

I understand church organizations are not typically dealt with harshly by inspections staff. Slum lords are slum lords. Hence a case that dates to 2001 and is unresolved.

Here is an alternative, which has pluses and minuses. A caveat of New York State Municipal Law allows cities to seize properties that are in an abandoned state of condition, much as cities do with property tax foreclosures. The City, to my knowledge, has not exercised that power in this way.

Of course, that would require a concerted strategy by the City to undertake building saviors and re-sells. The City could do it, sure. But they clearly have many abandoned properties without much (yet) concerted strategy to save buildings worth saving, as our trip off Clinton Street yesterday revealed (gorgeous brick Italianate cottage, now a vacant City-owned lot, that was ripe for rehab).

Clockhill said...

An absolute travesty. Here is the beginning of the hollowing out of a completely new neighborhood. First the school bldg comes down, making a gap in the smile. Then the church comes down, leaving us with just one more of many shapeless, formless street corners that make placeless neighborhoods.

Any more walking tour d' neglects planned?

Anonymous said...

The demise of these buildings began 25 years ago when the church pews, doors and wall sconces, etc... were stripped out for a bounty offered by the reseller, the Callous Prince of Niagara Street/Snowflake King of Ellicottville. His sequential stripping of other buildings such as the Niagara/Vermont church and countless houses on East/West side are but a fraction of decades of building and content loss throughout the City and region.

This tragic loss has been enabled by an inept City bureaucracy. Demolition by neglect is the sad ending to community asset looting.

Anonymous said...

That building was empty for more than 25 years. I grew up in that area. It has to be 30-35 years, maybe longer. It would serve the area more if if was torn down and homes were built in the area. If you want to save a Church in this area, save St. Ann's, It was still a school long after the neglect of those buildings!

Anonymous said...

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Joshua D. Hall said...

I'm sure I can speak for most of the City, when I say, "the metro area will be as successful as a thriving city." If people don't value The City and continue to move further and further away, fewer tax dollars will continue to flow into The City. The City will then be devalued. Personally, I value The City, but not everyone does.