Main Street Loft - For Sale, again!

While walking the neighborhood this afternoon, I noticed a new 'for sale' sign at 1718 Main Street. I just got off the phone with Dirk at Guerny Becker and Bourne. Here's the lisiting.
Located on the west side of Main Street, just south of Lafayette in the Midtown Main market, is a unique opportunity for a magnificent mixed commercial property. The site consists of two separate buildings: the first is the two story front building constructed during the dramatic Pan-American Expo period which includes a 3,210 square foot retail/gallery space and a 4,200 square foot second floor loft residence. The second building was built thirty years later in 1930, is located directly behind the first and currently serves as the ultimate workshop.
I posted about this amazing space in February 2007 - right here and linked to a March 2007 Buffalo Spree article - An Architect's Loft - about the place. Last January I attended an art opening downstairs, stayed way late and hung out upstairs and shot pool and drank the night away in a fabulous workshop space.

According to City records, 1718 Main Street was purchased in 2001 by the current owner for $50K. Fast forward seven years later and today, place has been on the market for three days, asking price is $435,500! Open house is scheduled for next Friday, December 19th. I've got a ton of cool iPhone pics from that party, but will have some additional pics and will update next Friday.

While scoping Gureny Becker & Bourne listings, I spotted this place - crazy concrete building - over on Northampton Street near the old Wonder Bread building, which would make for an amazing live/work location.
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Lindsay said...

WOW! I scouted this space for a photo shoot a few months ago and as nice as it is... that's a LOT of dough. I'm surprised the owners are selling. They've done so much to the space and were not finished when we last spoke. It's a great renovation and very unique. Of course, you'd never know it was on Main St. near Lafayette, which I believe will be it's down fall. Wish I had a small fortune. I'd buy up a bunch of Buffalo lofts. :)

fixBuffalo said...


Location is critical for all sorts of reasons. Interesting levels of investment happening on both sides of the street here on this stretch of Main.

Understand your feelings. Have you checked out that place on Northampton?

Anonymous said...

435,500 does seem a bit much for the area ... considering that you could purchase something for a fraction of the cost and renovate to your hearts content. Do you think that it could possibly get its asking price? In any case if you do make it to the open house I dont spoze you would like to take some pictures of the interior and post them to your flickr page or to your blog ... i'm very curious to see some of the other rooms and gallery space below. If this was in Toronto for that price it would be nabbed in a second!

fixBuffalo said...


Don't know right now if I'm going to be around for the Open House on Friday the 19th, or not. If I am, I'll certainly post a few pics.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the asking price is that much considering the quality of the renovation plus the additional downstairs gallery and workshop spaces. Sure you could purchase something at a fraction of this cost and renovate - the heart's content part comes when you finally finish it, LOL. You could end up spending just as much money and not have the quality of this upstairs unit.

fixBuffalo said...

I totally spaced out on the open house, weather related crap. Anyone attend? Let me know, thanks.