Two Sides of Main Street

fixBuffalo readers will remember MJ's amazing aerial photographs of Buffalo, NY that I've posted as Air Buffalo and Air Buffalo Part II. Just found this one...two very different sides of Main Street.
In the foreground is the City's near east side. That's Artspace off to the left and St. Vincent's orphan home, in the center.
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Anonymous said...

The Fruit Belt really could be an orchard again.

Anonymous said...

It's extraordinary how rural that part of the East Side looks. I have to say, it's very attractive. Nice big house, large yard, room for a few fruit trees.

I think it won't be long before that East of Art Space area is hot, hot, hot.

Anonymous said...

East of Artspace has already gotten hot. I say this as a neighborhood resident.

I convinced a friend to bid on a property at the September auction, one that I had repeatedly reboarded. Fixbuffalo and I showed it to groups of people. A couple of days before the auction it was quietly pulled off the list. The new owner has yet to clean up anything, shovel snow or show up on the city website as new owner. I've done more work on that house than the new opportunist.

Another glorious house that Fixbuffalo highlighted caught the eye of a different couple after a chilly walkthrough. My friends had to bid with the city dept of real estate- instant and very expensive roadblocks were put up. Another unnamed person has since been able to purchase it, again quietly.

The surest sign that the area is heating up is when the fix is so obviously on for the best properties.

Nicole K said...

I love this information on fixbuffalo. I live in Denver with plans to move back to the area. How do you find out about the auctions that take place in this area? I am passionate about the city and would love to learn more about ways to help. (whether investing or just educating and getting the word out)

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for the kind words. Email me when you have a chance.