Stenhouse Steps Down...

fixBuffalo fan just tipped me off to the following story in today's Buffalo News.

Buffalo’s control board is getting two new watchdogs — a longtime Niagara County banker and the head of one of Buffalo’s largest charitable foundations.

Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer named Paul J. Kolkmeyer and Gail E. Johnstone to the nine-member board overseeing city finances Thursday, a move that means the departure of the Rev. Richard A. Stenhouse. read the rest...

I've been following some of Rev. Stenhouse's work around the neighborhood for awhile. City of Buffalo v. Richard Stenhouse for all sorts of background. Those houses are still wide open and totally derelict.


Just around the corner, this house at 121 Woodlawn Avenue is being re-done for a second time in the last five years by Rev. Stenhouse's organization, Bethel CDC. Up untill recently it was wide open and sits directly across the street from the new 35m Arts Academy.

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Anonymous said...

It always struck me as odd that a man who could not keep his own house in order would be appointed to advise others on how to organize their affairs. Perhaps now, the good Reverend will have time to attend to his house(s)? I will not hold my breath!