Artpark and Headstart News...

While walking the neighborhood the other night I noticed some signs I hadn't seen before. Went back Sunday afternoon to the corner of Woodlawn and Jefferson and noticed for the first time some additional development here in the neighborhood.

Here's looking at the northwest corner of Woodlawn and Jefferson Avenues.
Seems like another Rev. Stenhouse's organization - Bethel Head Start - will be getting a new building. In light of all the press generated around Rev. Stenhouse's other activities - here - guess I'll be keeping a closer than ususal eye on this.
And diagaonally across the street on Woodlawn and Jefferson I spotted this sign for the first time, too.
Here 50 Women with a Vision are creating the East side's newest neighbhorhood park.
Both of these projects are just steps away from the Erie County's newest library - the Merrieweather - and the new Arts Academy. Very significant developments for a community in need of good news and additional positive development.
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Anonymous said...

So the big hole was filled in where the sign is for Head Start? Must have been a huge excavation for environmental remediation. No real acknowledgment of the Bethel Head Start leadership on the sign.
I suppose Bethel CDC will own it, lease it to Bethel Head Start and then Head Start will repay the city's loan and M&T Bank's, which is also in on the financing despite the lack of signage.

The other site by "50 Women With A Vision" was announced about 2 years ago.