Shining the Light...

Planned or otherwise seems like the spot light that Belmont Shelter just installed on the back corner of their "bunker" was intended to illuminate the new American flag and pole. Peddling home the other night from seeing Flipped at the Market Arcade, I noticed that the "spot light"- upper right hand corner of pic - illumintates the peeling paint on the side of the Ward House, right next door.
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David Steele did a great job over at BRO, right here shining additional light on the Ward House with a great follow-up. Click that link and follow the comments. Compare his pic with this map from c. 1894.

I think this is a first for Buffalo. I mean shouldn't the flag pole go in front of the building?

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Anonymous said...

The back/parking lot of the Belmont Shelter HQ is the defacto front. The
flagpole just proves what the pedestrian on Main Street knows and feels.
Belmont's building inadvertently turns its backside towards the public.